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Featured Artist - Bernard Bonnici   Print  E-mail 
Submitted by Artissa Administrator  

001 GhajnsielemI look around and realise that during the last year or so, art as in painting and (to a lesser extent) sculpture has started to be appreciated much more. Photography, however, still remains the 'less known' form of visual art. Especially in today's digital world, 005 Himalayan Landscapephotography has amalgamated itself very closely to tranditional art, by allowing the photographer to inject a further level of interpretation over and above the original photograph.

This new gallery by Bernard Bonnici, the second of the "Four Figure Tables" trio, marks the start of the greater attention we will be giving to photography as an art. During the following months we will be featuring a number of our best photographers, together with the more modest emerging artists, through a set of articles and galleries. In the meantime - here's the first...

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010 Xbajt Thares?007 Prayer FlagsBernard Bonnici is addicted to living. Deeply embedded in his character lies an unlimited zest for life and the true spirit of adventure. As a photographer, he has captured on film a colourful variety of themes, from restless wintry seas to dusky summer skies. The Gozitan landscape however was probably his first true love. It has withstood the test of time and remains, for him, a dominant inspiration. He has also pursued his quest for adventure travel. In the company of his backpack, this ambition has taken him trekking across foreign continents.003 It-Tuttu

The "Four Figure Tables" exhibition brings together his passions for life and nature and is captured as transitory moment using the slow synch technique. This is manifested through such a combination which was simply waiting to happen. Spread along the walls are glimpses of his outlook to life and nature.

View Bernard's gallery here.

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