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Salvatore Montanucci - The Midas Touch   Print  E-mail 
Submitted by Artissa Administrator  

By E.V. Borg.

salvatoremontanucci2Salvatore Montanucci is a rare bird, unique in his effortless ability, like Midas to turn dross into gold. His greatest asset is his alchemic powers. He is best described as a gorgeous magician as his paintings plumb the depths of mystery and enigma. He has a colourful and charismatic personality, is gentle, Cena(Digital Photography by Patrick Sacco)prudent, humble and kind and loves life so much that he depicts it in vivid colours and glazes it over lustruous enamel. In his characteristic style Salvatore transforms human figures into stone. The heartfelt desire in man for absolute perfection sparks a divine struggle in him. The ensuing anguish and lacerating pain stemming from tension, stress and pressure become so dramatic, so tragic that man is metamorphosed into stone.

Petrified and fossilised under intense pressure he is finally redeemed and liberated from his bonds and reaches nirvana. I refer to such existential pain in my poem: 'Antidote to Loneliness' dedicated to Ignazio Silone (1900-78) after having read 'Fontamara' - ...' It's like squeezing stones / or crushing diamonds / only dust flows / not drops of juice or nectar' ...

(2) La fidanzata di MostaSalvatore has painted dreamy landscapes, gabled rooftops covered with brown-red tiles, myths, fables and legends and a wonderful 'Last Supper' (1994) with a floor covered with majolica tiles.

Born in Aci Catena in the province of Catania, Arriva il treno olio su tela 70x90cmSicily in 1965 he started designing colourful tiles. He insists that he is self-taught (autodidatta) though he was awarded a diploma at the Istituto d'Arte of Agrigento in 1990. Salvatore's child-like enthusiasm for life kindles in his heart a love for myth, fable and magic, a love for gods, giants and heroes. With a Midas touch he transforms dreams into reality, experience into expression and actuality into myth. He is a dreamer, a poet and a philosopher. Chiesa della Badia di Acicatena olio su tela 50x70cm VIt is no wonder that Rosa Gangemi, Vittorio Sgarbi and Italo Tassinari are all impressed by the man.

If you would like to contact Salvatore or are interested in his artwork, send us an email at and we'll gladly put you in contact with him. You may also view a gallery of some of his works, including the Via Crucis here. Below are some of the images illustrating the variety of styles in Salvatore's artistic portfolio.

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transpixel Confronto nel tramontare di una vita narcisistica(opera compo transpixel
transpixel Magico paesaggio olio su tela 60x80cm V transpixel
transpixel Girgenti nel'700  olio su tela 55x80 cm transpixel
transpixel IL gigante giocherellone olio su tela 90x140 V transpixel
transpixel (2) La fidanzata di Mosta transpixel
transpixel Arriva la corriera olio-tela 60x100 cm transpixel
transpixel Mascheroni olio tela 60x80 cm transpixel
transpixel (1) Icona fiabesca-IL viaggio di Gulliver-olio-tavola 100x120 transpixel
transpixel Campanile vecchia chiesa B'Kara olio-tavola 50x90cm V transpixel

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